Not your average potato curry


So today is one of those lazy Saturdays, where all I wanted to do was hang around in my pj’s and watch TV. But I also wanted some good food because this week was jam-packed with school, exams,work and no free time. And what better pick-me-up from a horrible week than cooking? Sneha and Sanu left me early this morning to go study! So I decided to have a cooking party without them! Who says you need people around to make good food??!?

Serves 2-3


3 large potatoes-boiled

2 tbsp cream cheese

5-6 sprigs of parsley- chopped

1 tsp ginger-garlic paste


1 tsp chili powder/ garam masala- optional


1. Wash and boil potatoes in a large pot. Leave them to boil for about 25 minutes, or until a knife can easily be slid into the potatoes with some resistance. You don’t want the potatoes to fall apart once they are put in the gravy.

2. While the potatoes are boiling, you can make the gravy (if you haven’t already made it). Put the gravy in a pot and let it simmer for a few minutes, adding the ginger-garlic paste, chili powder and/or the garam masala and cream cheese.

3.  Once the potatoes are done, peel the skin (carefully!), chop the potatoes and add to the gravy. Let it all cook together for about 10 minutes.

4. Add the parsley and mix well. And voila, your potato is ready!

Serve with paratha, chapathi, or you can even eat it with bread!


I just made this out of everything I had in my fridge, you can add fresh cream instead of cream cheese, which would make the texture even more creamy and delicious.

As seen in the ingredients picture, I used 2 chilies in the gravy so I used the garam masala for extra flavour and to change the colour without the chili factor. So make sure you know how spicy your chilies are before using too many!

Happy eating!=)

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