A sweet apology


Hey guys!

We are sooo sorry for not posting the Diwali Sweet sooner! We had a lot going on and time just slipped away from us. But here it is nonetheless because you don’t need to make Indian sweets only over Diwali!

This sweet is called Coconut Burfi and it is very easy to make! This was the first time I (Swetha) made it, and it takes about an hour to make- 45 minutes to make and 15 minutes to cool enough to cut.

Makes 8 pieces


1 cup of coconut (I used frozen, but fresh would be much better!)

Half a cup of white sugar

1-2 pods of Green cardamom- crushed

Half cup of water

A tsp of ghee- optional 

5-6 cashew nuts- roughly chopped- optional


1. Since I was using frozen coconut, I thawed it then dry roasted it on low heat for a few minutes until all the moisture was out of the coconut. Be careful not to burn the coconut! Remove from heat and keep aside.

2. Optional- Heat the ghee and roast the cashew nuts in it until the cashews are coated and slightly soft. Take off the heat and keep aside.

3. In the same pan, heat the water and sugar together on medium-low heat, and keep an eye on it. Keep stirring for about 20 minutes until the mixture reduces and thickens slightly.

3.5 I had to google this term because many blogs had it, you reduce the sugar and water mixture and use the “single strand method”. This is basically taking the mixture in a spoon and put some between your thumb and pointer finger, if a strand forms then it is the right consistency (I hope this makes sense).

4. Add the coconut at this point and mix it all together. It will get bubbly on the edges. Cook the whole mixture for another 15 minutes.

5. The mixture will thicken more, so you can add the cardamom and cashew nuts.

6. Quickly move the coconut mixture into a ghee greased/ foil lined baking dish and leave to cool.

7. After the mixture hardens slightly you can cut it into pieces and store in an air tight container.


There is a high risk of burning the coconut and the sugar water mixture. So always keep an eye on this recipe!!!

I used a foil lined baking dish, it is less scrubbing off oily residue from dishes. The sugar content can be changed as well, I thought the amount I used was perfect because I have a major sugar tooth! For those who don’t like sugar as much, go ahead and reduce it.

This is seriously an amazing sweet! It is easier to make than most Indian sweet and tastes super delicious!!

Happy eating!!=)

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