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The easiest gravy for Indian recipes!


So this is a gravy that we always make, and I decided instead of putting it in every single recipe (because we ALWAYS use this gravy), I’ll just put this post so that you can always refer to it! My mum always made this basic gravy and then added extras to change its taste according to what she was making. So this is exactly what we do as well!


1 tomato- roughly chopped

1 onion- chopped

1 chili- chopped

Cumin seeds- optional

Black mustard seeds- optional


Food processor/ Magic Bullet


1. Heat a pan with oil and add the cumin seeds and mustard seeds, letting them crackle for a few minutes. Be careful though because the mustard seeds will jump if the oil is too hot.

2. Add the onions and chili after about 30 seconds, and make sure they get mixed with the oil. You can add salt at this point if you want.

3. Leave the onions to cook for a few minutes, until they are aromatic and slightly translucent, then add the tomatoes.

4. Once the tomatoes get slightly mushy and oozes water, take the pan off the heat and transfer to a food processor/Magic Bullet.

5. Grind the tomato-onion mixture to your desired consistently, adding water if you want it more of a gravy consistency.


If you want the gravy to be spicier you can add another chili. You can also add ginger-garlic paste/ pieces of ginger and garlic to enhance the flavour. This gravy refrigerates well, it lasts about 10 days, and is perfect if you have beans, chickpeas or potatoes because you can add different spices to change it according to what you want to make that day.

Wasn’t this easy???